SHOCKING: Nnamdi Kanu Reveals How Jubril Aminu Was Transformed To ‘Dead Buhari'

The Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, has vowed to expose how Jubril Aminu was transformed to replace ‘dead Buhari’ in London. 

The IPOB leader, while describing the act as evil, promised to shock Nigerians with the revelation on Saturday evening.
In a tweet he shared yesterday, Kanu said he will expose the evil work of a cabal in the presidency.
“The transformation of Jubril Aminu to replace dead Buhari, an evil that will destroy the demonic #Nigeria and free millions of lives,” he tweeted.
“I will expose the dirty work of the Nigerian ruling cabal tomorrow on Radio #Biafra at 6 pm.
“Be ready to embrace the beginning of your freedom.”
Here are some of the things he said on the broadcast on the 17th of November 2018, that from transmitted live on Radio Biafra Facebook page from Israel. 
"In a very short and simple sentence, Jubril is from Sudan. He did not attend the summit in Paris and never returned on Tuesday. Nigerians where watching and this fake Sudanese Man was boarding the aircraft, but Surprise Surprise, they didn't show where he landed in Paris. Some of you will ask, if he is shown whenever he lands, but the truth is that, when the real Buhari traveled he shows himself, whenever he lands in other countries. Buhari had many televised landings, but there was no footage to show. I was the first person to reveal this Jubril and they came to kill me. For over a year, you have been calling a Sudanese Man you did not vote for, "Your Excellency".
"Only three persons was bold enough to expose this very fraud. My very self, my Friend Femi Fani Kayode and my Good Brother Asari Dokunbo. Ask yourself, what are they trying to hide? When we say the zoo is fraudulent, you think we are lying. Now you can see, how useless it is.
"On November the 10th 2018, Femi Adesina wrote that, President Buhari arrived France, this was how they started the lies and deception, because he never went there. They knew in advance that Jubril, will never avail himself to the Paris submit. Did anybody see Buhari with Puttin, Donald Trump and other World Leaders, can they show us a picture of Jubril with those World Leaders, in that submit?
"How can a Newspaper, be helping incompetent Politician's to deceive and lie to the people. Nigeria have been doing their best to kill me and what Channels T.V and other Nigeria Media Houses are doing, is to cover it up. They saw dead bodies on the ground in my compound and a journalist in Nigeria said, " Alleged". Can you see why, I cannot ive in same country with this liars and deceivers?
"This was the reason why, Dele Giwa was killed and nobody asked of it. Who killed Dele Giwa? Ibrahim Babangida did, he claim to be an oracle who people consult, but he is a killer. I thank all of you the fearless warriors, who have been bold enough to speak the truth. That very thing you call Buhari and wish to vote for, is an impostor. After all if he is Buhari, he would have traveled to Paris and put on suit like other Leaders, where his head will be made bare. How can you have a President, who doesn't grant interviews? I want people to assimilate what we are doing. The question is, why did Buhari not attend Paris submit?
"On November 11th at 7:30pm Femi Adesina posted, that President Buhari delivers a speech at the Paris submit. Other Nations took their Media representative to the submit, but Nigeria never took any, not even their LapDog called NTA. This will expose the truth. I hope this is sinking because, Black people find it difficult to reason. Abba Kyari regards every Nigerian as fools because, you can't see. They pretend and scream One Nigeria, but is all lies. They don't love you, but are interested in Money. I will prove to you that, Nigeria journalist are hungry. Even if Lucifer comes out with his Horn and Tail, they will hide the truth. How come Saraki in a space of Two years, become taller than Buhari? Is that a miracle? Can you see that, the Young Buhari called Jubril has no gap teeth, but the Late Buhari does?
"Femi Adesina and Abbah Kayari deceived you foolish Nigerians, with old fake pictures of Buhari. You don't reason, because stupidity is your nature. There is nothing Nigerians cannot do for Money 'NDIOSHI'. I thank God that, I'm a Biafran and not a Nigerian. I am beginning to believe that, it was Femi Adesina that forged Certificate for Adeosun. I can raise my head up to the fact that no Biafran has been accused of certificate forgery. South East, South South and Igbo Akiri in Edo, may be useless, but have a limit they can cross. Since some of these people love forging certificates, perhaps yoruba and Hausa-Fulani should be in the same country. What am saying may sound controversial but it is true. Since they love forging certificates and lying, Arewa and Oduduwa should merge as one Nigeria country and leave us alone because they love to forge, to lie, to deceive and to cheat. I'm a Biafran, I don't tolerate evil.
"Show us videos of your Buhari Jubril in Paris because, there is none. The so called seasoned journalists are publishing fake pictures, posted by Buhari. They all listen to me on Radio Biafra. What this Jubril saga has done, is to prove beyond every reasonable doubt that, Nigerians are foolish. This was the same nonsense they did, when Buhari was sick in London. Nigeria was a name, their owner Britain gave to them. You can name your Dog Adesina or Jack as I named my Dog and he will be coming to you. We will continue to expose Jubril. I feel very sorry for those, watching Channels T.V. They know that thing is Jubril, but they cover the truth. I feel very sorry, for Black people.
"I told you, they can never take Jubril to Paris because, he is Fake and from Sudan. I told you, he won't come back on Tuesday and it happened. The reason why President Nelson was impeached, was because he tried to cover up the truth, not the crime he committed. Had Clinton try to cover up that same crime, he would have been impeached. Our Men where there in Paris, when Jubril went to the museum. He couldn't attend the Submit, because he is Fake. I don't know why Femi Adesina, has decided to expose himself that way. On Tuesday morning, Jubril would have returned, but he did not. There should have been a massive protest, demanding for Jubrils presence, but everyone kept mute.
"Some say it is a rumor, but I know is not and I'm here to prove it. Anyone telling you is all lies, is deceiving you. If you watch a movie like Avatar, you will understand there is nothing they can't do. International media Houses reported and there was no Jubrils presence. If he has gone, Trump would have told him, who brought this lifeless thing here? Anybody telling you, we are lying, is mad.
"They say, let's vote Buhari out and get another Fulani Man in. Yet they claim is a rotational Presidency. I want everyone to ask, Saraki why he stated that, Nigerians should vote for Ariku who is a Nigerian. The real Buhari is dead and buried in Saudi Arabia. His Wife has been begging for the cabals to release his corpse, for proper burial. I was in Prison and Buhari said 'Over His Dead Body, Biafra Will Never Come', And when he died, I knew Biafra will come. Buhari was not even given, a Military burial rights. 
"The purpose of creating a Nation, is to move forward, but that of Nigeria is different. What Abbah Kyari It is an unpardonable crime, against humanity. They wanted to do same with Late Yaradua, until Dora Akuntili sacrificed her Life to expose the truth. No wonder they murdered Abiola and Bolo Ige. You are mad to believe that, Buhari is not dead. If there is nothing to hide then why are you lying? President Neilson was impeached because, he tried to cover the truth. In America they hold their Presidents accountable. Some of you even pray that, those who have decided to expose the truth, should be killed. That is why, Blacks are backwards because, they are very foolish. We are going to prove that, Nigerians don't reason. It is only IPOB that unveiled the lies, of the impostor in Aso Rock.
"I want people to bring their Pen and write. I hope people are investigating? If you go deep, you will find out that Buhari's name was not included, in the list of World Leaders attendants. Loom at the stage of fake pictures posted by Femi Adesina, is fake. Anybody that reasons very well, will find out that Jubril is an impostor. Is Aisha not Buhari's Wife? Why didn't Aisha Buhari accompany, Jubril to Paris Submit, like other Leaders? I respect Aisha Buhari because, she would have been jumping around with Jubril after the death of her husband, but she kept mute and respected herself.
"They said Willie Obiano welcomed the President, but the same Man they claimed accompanied him to Paris, was at the airport welcoming him. Can you see how deceitful they are? No NTA or Ceremony, because they know he is Jubril. The death of my Men 28 in number, My Cousin and Dogs, will hunt them. Those that harbour the idea of smuggling Jubril out, are in trouble. I don't hide anything. If you say something Good or Bad about me and its worth reading, I will do that. Anybody who know Buhari, is aware that he had same height.
"Now let me ask Mallam Daura, do you agree that Buhari was taller Saraki? So how come, Saraki became taller overnight? Now you know, the truth. Mallam Daura said, they called for a Family meeting, to ask Jubril if indeed he is Buhari, after my broadcast. Very laughable. If Mallam Daura said, his physical appearance is changing because he is getting Old, then how come he is looking Young now?
Mallam Daura said, "We have tolerated this KANU enough. He insults our culture and we kept quite. Now he is insulting our leaders and we will not take it". But, he claim they are practicing Democracy, where Freedom of speech is not allowed and people are mute.
I will continue to expose them.
My questions are; 
(1)Why did Queen Elizabeth send a condolence message to Buhari?
(2)Why did A.U Leaders, give a minute silence to Buhari?
(3)Why is it that upon till now, they have not released what Buhari was suffering from, before he died?
(4)Where was the Jet that took Buhari travel to? And Aisha Buhari claimed she went for a lesser haij.
(5)Why did Atiku say, he can't contest the Presidency with a Foreigner?
(6)Why have they not ask Rocha's Okorocha, why he threatened to expose Aso Rock, if his Son In-law is not made a Governor? Okorocha we know what you want to say already.
Nnamdi Kanu further said "Look at APC. Do you know that there're people inside APC instead of them to speak the truth, they say if you don't give me governorship automatic ticket for my son will expose all of you. And next year you go and vote for them. Are you not stupid? Do you know if what is happening in the zoo called Nigeria Is happening anywhere else in the world, they will bring all of them out in Aso Rock, line them up and kill all of them. They will line them up and shoot all of them. But you're young, you're vibrant, you don't even understand the principle of a revolution. You want to keep suffering till you die. And that's what is going to happen to all of you, but luckily enough for us that experience Biafrans won't go through it because we're leaving and very eminently too.
"You have politicians who have resulted to blackmail. They claim they're Patriots, I love Nigeria but in actual fact they're cheap dirty blackmen. If they love all of you Nigerians as they claim, why would they lie to you? Why would they blackmail each other? Rather than exposing Jubril? Because they don't want to expose Jubril.

"You've people today in Abuja and in Lagos sitting down in Channels Televisions studio, one of the worse TV stations in the whole world talking nonsense. We elite, we intellectuals. They're all in this nonsense together. Their job is to make your lives a misery. This is something that you Nigerians must know. They don't want Jubril to be exposed because if you expose Jubril their business which is electioneering coming up next year will deny some of them access to the treasury.

"Speak fulfulde, he will not speak, remove your cap he will not remove. Address the press, answer questions about what is happening in the zoo, he will not answer. What type of President is this? Are you people that blind? My goodness me.
"We have things to show the World and it will be done in live video. Somebody must arrest Jubril because, he is an impostor. If they do not give us a date for referendum, I will release the DNA test, not just to Nigerians, but the whole of West Africa.

What do you think? Leave your opinion and observations in the comment section. 
SHOCKING: Nnamdi Kanu Reveals How Jubril Aminu Was Transformed To ‘Dead Buhari' SHOCKING: Nnamdi Kanu Reveals How Jubril Aminu Was Transformed To ‘Dead Buhari' Reviewed by The news cable on November 18, 2018 Rating: 5


  1. Go on the great leader Nnamdi kanu and expose this nonentity jubril that called himself Buhari.

  2. May God delivers us and expose the wickedness of the wicked

  3. these men doing this are enemies of nigeria brought into leadership by religious fanatics from the north, giving them nigerian names, at the end they become prominent and loothing the economy and bringing in their fellow militants to kill and hijack the country.

  4. I don't have time for all this rubbish neither do I believe in that area called naija area. All I want and know is My country Biafra... And that's all the way.....�� Too fast approaching... Biafra... Freedom �������������������� thanks to my great leader say more ������

  5. See anything not connected to Eucharistic celebration is not God you are praying to
    Remember Satan is a heaven choir he knows the hidden mystery in power of music to steal from you and I equal to stealing souls from God.
    Humans God made in his image and likeness
    if he could steal from God which you and I using the power of music by disobedience to judgement of God upon Jesus death to remain in one religion.

    The blessing God has been given each of us
    That we must time dnt know how to guard jealously by using it in only in what God has chosen you use on to fulfil his vision already programme for humanity future we humans fight against in disobedience.

    When you use it in mission of the devil in religion freedom you serve devil vision with something God has given you freely to serve him in his holy church mission for future of humanity his,already programme into each of us by power of revealation ,stealing souls humans away from God's mission is equal to stealing from God.

    that is why this other churches engage members in more music that entices them away from where they should truely be useful to God mission in interest in Eucharistic celebration
    because their mission is to steal kill and destroy your God's gift through using it to serve your self will in religion freedom.
    instead of serve God in Eucharistic catholic way Jesus said we should keep doing in memory of him sealed in his blood to link us to God direct judgement in power of revealation.

    A leader teach you how to fish he doesn't give you fish that is what death of Jesus means showing us the way to fish for souls for God back to his mission through his church
    not money winning mission
    but soul winning mission back to the church mission for God.

    When priest gives you list of how much you owe in levy to the church in money as if what you go to church for is to accumulate levies.

    give them the list of number of souls you v won back to the church according to the judgement stand of God
    and God will judge them back the measure they judged you with money instead of by number of souls to surrender all the money they v been stealing from members of the church back to the people they truely belong to
    The poor ,needy ,hungry ,widows, orphans,
    The holy Trinity


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