Prayers Are Not Enough To End Killings - Bishop Matthew Blasts Churches

The Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Matthew Kukah, has said prayers are important but not enough to end the killings across the country. 

Kukah made the statement when he spoke at the graduation of students of Pacesetter Group of Schools in Abuja, the Nation reports. He advocated for practical actions to be taken to stop killings in the country, noting that it was unacceptable for men and women of darkness to take over Nigeria.

The cleric said: “I don’t think where Nigeria is now does good to anybody. Prayers are important but they are not enough. We need to also see some really practical actions.

“We are hemorrhaging badly. Everybody who lives in this country knows and whatever needs to be done— and I think those in power understand what needs to be done and we need to be properly communicated with. 

“We cannot have a country where illiterate people, people who have no contribution to really make to this country, wherever they are coming from, men and women of darkness to take over the country. It is not acceptable and the reason why government exists is to secure the territorial space of Nigeria. Where we are, we are not working.”

Meanwhile, after series of herdsmen and bandit attacks, the Nigeria police, Zamfara state command has recovered twenty-three corpses of people killed during attacks in the state.

The corpses were recovered from a forest in Zurmi local government area of the state. The spokesman of the state police command, Muhammed Shehu, said the police got information that bodies had been seen in the forest, The Cable reports. 

The police, however said the victims were likely not residents of the area as no one could identify them. An anonymous resident in Boko village close to the scene of the discovery claimed the victims were killed by local vigilante known as “Yan Sa kai.” 
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