Nigerian Police Assaults Man Who Pleaded For Brutalised Keke Rider

Two mobile police officers have been caught on video threatening to “reduce two young men to nothing” for pleading with them to stop brutalising a commercial tricycle rider in Asaba, Delta State.

One of the young men, identified as Prince Gwamnishu Harrison, who shared his ordeal with the policemen on his Facebook account, said he was driving along Nnebisi road with his colleague when they saw a man lying helplessly in the mud, with blood coming out from his mouth.

He said they stopped to help, and when they asked the man what had happened to him, he pointed to a bank saying the police officers there beat him up.

Harrison said they observed that the police officers and a bank security guard were trying to push the man’s tricycle inside the bank, and the man stood up and held his tricycle.

Harrison said, “I tried my best to stop Inspector Haruna Japhet and a Sergeant with Service No: 462207 from brutalizing a keke man, plead to them but to no avail.

“The Police Sergeant left the keke man, rush and hit me in the face. The keke man was detained at A Division Asaba, released on bail after paying N11,000 and also paid N3000 to release his keke.”

He further stated that after the policemen had threatened to reduce him to nothing, one of them said he will give his vehicle colour and plate number to some of their colleagues to deal with him. Even even stated that he's been threatened to bring down the video of the accused policemen he took from his Facebook timeline.

He said, "I received a phone call this afternoon by the keke rider I rescued from the hands of two officers in Asaba. He told me that he was arrested this afternoon and was asked by the Police to tell me to pull down the video which has 50,000 views, 608 shares and 156 400 comments.

"I am not pulling down this post and have informed my lawyers and necessary actions will be taking soonest.

"As it is now, my life is in danger as the Police officers involved have ordered to reduce me to nothing.

"We, the people, should recognized that we have responsibilities as well as rights. Our rights should not be negotiated"

“I call on Inspector General of Police, Delta State Police Command to help address this trend by officers of Nigeria Police force brutalizing and extorting from citizens.”

See video below:

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