I Don’t Identify With Feminism, Venus Williams Declare

Venus Williams , seven- time grand slam winner, has said that she doesn’t identify with the term ‘feminist ’.

She’s said that she ‘doesn’t like labels ’, but that women today have more opportunities and power than ever before – and that she ’s grateful for that translating into the sporting world.

“We truly don’t know how powerful we are. There ’s nothing like a powerful woman walking into a room; her presence is like nothing else,” she tells Elle.

“There are so many emerging forces; there's been so much growth for women in sports. It ’s very exciting.”

She says that when it comes to equality and women’s rights, that was a conversation that she ’s never been party to.

“There are always challenges that you have to overcome on a daily basis,’ she cryptically concludes.

“Unfortunately, people have the tendency to want to dominate one another, but fortunately, there are people who want to build other women up. It ’s up to those people who want to build to hopefully eliminate all that negativity.

“I’ve worked so hard all of my life ; so , one of my personal goals is to actually have a life.”

So, does actively opting out of the conversation around women’s rights – even if you have made it – make you less of a feminist?

Sister Serena has also spoken to Elle about Venus, saying that she's “someone who has overcome so many obstacles – from tennis to her health – and she runs two businesses. She faces obstacles every day.

“I think that everything she's gone through, from age 18 to now , has shaped her to become the amazing woman she is.”
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