Operation Cow Dance 2 : IPOB Set Out To Prove Buhari Is An Impersonation

In view of President Muhammadu Buhari’s plan to visit the United States of America, pro- Biafra group, the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has announced intention to apprehend and subject him to DNA test, Orient Daily reports.

Announcing this in a recent press release signed by IPOB ’s Media and Publicity Secretary, Emma Powerful, the group attributed Buhari’s return to Nigeria to the pressure of Operation Cow Dance I which was held by IPOB in the United Kingdom.

They said that their group in the United States of America would launch Operation Cow Dance 2, and that they would, thereby, prove that the person parading as Buhari is an impersonation named Jubril and not the real person.

The report read in part: “Following the successful completion of our Operation Cow Dance 1, beautifully executed by the United Kingdom IPOB family and which led to the premature and unscheduled exit of the person referred to as ‘Muhammadu Buhari' from his Abuja House, London residence on Friday 20 April 2018 back to Nigeria; the leadership of the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) has vowed to intensify its efforts to unmask the real man, Jubril, behind the Buhari mask.

“In this regard we have decided to launch the follow-up Operation Cow Dance 2 to coincide with the planned arrival of ‘Muhammadu Buhari‘ in Washington on April, 30th.

“The aim of this Operation Cow Dance 2, to be undertaken by the great IPOB family in the United States, is to apprehend and submit the man who has been doing the job of impersonating Buhari and deceiving millions of people all over the world to a DNA test.”

It said, “IPOB will prove to the world that Jubril is not the Buhari that died in early 2017 and buried in Saudi Arabia. The heat is on to obtain Jubril’s DNA during this US trip. Technology exists that can extract DNA from the most unlikely of sources.

“So, no matter what his handlers do in the US, Jubril must leave his DNA which will be matched with the DNA of one of Buhari ‘s children and his sister which are in IPOB ’s possession.

“The worst mistake Fulani cabal made was not to allow Yemi Osinbajo to take over when Buhari died. Fulani cabal disdain for written laws, rules and procedures is their undoing.

“Our leader knew this Jubril presented a golden opportunity for the spectacular collapse of Nigeria ; that was why he publicly announced it to a stunned global audience that Jubril is not Buhari.

“Our leader knew that proving that Jubril is not Buhari will be one of the quickest ways to bring an end to Nigeria and the emergence of Biafra.

“We could have attempted the extraction of the DNA in London but decided against it because we know the British government always favoured Islamic Arewa regimes and will do anything to protect and perpetuate their rule. USA is the best terrain for IPOB to obtain it since the latest technology in remote extraction of DNA is publicly available.

“From now onward, a drop of sweat from Jubril, every microphone he uses, every where he leaves a sweaty palm or finger print, every surface he touches, he leaves something that will prove he is not Buhari.

“What happened in London will be a child’s play compared to what shall become of this version of Buhari in Washington if he attempts this visit. IPOB USA is ready and waiting. We know the man masquerading as Buhari is fake and is Jubril from Sudan and we are going to get his DNA to prove it.”

They, therefore, advised that the planned trip of the president be suspended and steps taken to prevent Buhari from running for second term, adding that they would bring an end to Nigeria by revealing that Buhari is an impersonation.

“It will be in the best of the Fulani cabal to suspend the planned trip to the US and take further steps to prevail upon Jubril not to contest as Buhari in 2019 because he will be unmasked. When our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the prophet of our time said that Buhari will usher in Biafra, this scenario currently playing out with Jubril must have been what he had in mind.

“We patiently waited for the cabal to announce that Jubril will run again in order to trap them in their own web of deceit and now, we have done that and we are going to bring an end to Nigeria by revealing the grand conspiracy and deception that created this Buhari alter ego.

“There is no way that Nigeria can emerge from this impending catastrophe. This present person claiming he is Buhari can never contest in 2019 because he will attend rallies, public meetings and he will definitely sweat or leave his bodily fluid somewhere. This is a trap from which Nigeria will never recover. IPOB has, within its ranks, the most intelligent people and strategists in the world. Watch as we take Nigeria apart piece by piece. Biafra is almost here.”
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