Missing Half-Ton of Marijuana ‘Eaten by Rats’ According to Police

What a ratty thing to do ― blaming mice for 1,000 pounds of missing marijuana.

That’s the dubious excuse eight police officers in Pilar, Argentina, gave after a half-ton of pot disappeared from a police warehouse.

Last April, a new police chief found himself in an awkward position. Chief Emilio Portero conducted an inventory check on 6,000 kilos of marijuana at a police warehouse in Pilar, in Buenos Aires province, only to find that it was a little… light. Roughly, 540 kilos – aka a half ton- was missing. The police had seized the marijuana in a drug bust over two years prior and the pot had been sitting there ever since. Portero subsequently alerted the Security Ministry’s General Audit of Internal Affairs (AGAI) to open an investigation into this *high* crime.

With a straight face, fellow authorities denied any responsibility and assured their new boss that the missing of marijuana – again, a half-ton , was eaten by rats.

Naturally, the investigators looking into the issue weren’t fooled. There was no Tom & Jerry type chase of cat and, well, rat. Over the weekend, Federal Judge Adrián González Charvay cited four police officers who worked in the Investigations of Illicit Drug Trafficking and Organized Crime sub-delegation to testify to their knowledge of the missing marijuana.

Sources told Clarin that specialists from the University of Buenos Aires analyzed the case and explained that there was no way rats could confuse marijuana with food; even if a large group were to eat some, there would certainly be rat cadavers lining the piles, perhaps in a sign of warning. According to other specialists , marijuana can lose up to 10 percent of its total weight due to fluctuations in humidity, but the half-ton is a “high percentage.” Indeed.

Senior officers, it seems, were not convinced, and eight members of staff have now been fired in connection with the missing drug.

The four police officers are now accused of not properly protecting evidence and have been ordered to testify on 4 May. The hearing will seek to determine if the missing marijuana was the result of “expedience or negligence”.
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