Election War: Buhari’s defeat in 2019 will be worse than that of Jonathan - Sen Saidu Dansadau

Former Senator representing Zamfara Central Senatorial district and Chairman of the National Rescue Movement (NRM), Saidu Mohammed Dansadau, has faulted President Buhari for his statement in London that criminals who were unleashing terror on Nigerians were trained by the late Muammar Gaddafi of Libya.

In an exclusive interview with DAILY POST in Abuja, he said, criminals were trooping into the country from far and near within Africa, adding that porous borders, and failed government of the day were responsible for foreign criminal attacks.
He emphasised that Zamfara state governor, Alhaji Abdullaziz Yari was an alleged suspect in the incessant killing in the state, saying the governor uses criminals for reprisal attacks.

Senator Dansadau revealed that some people in Zamfara who are known to possess assets worth 2 million would have to sleep in bushes with their families at sunset for fear of night attacks.

He said, Abdullaziz Yari’s administration was a nightmare to citizens in the state due to the failure to provide security, saying that the governor was only interested in travelling abroad.

“The governor wouldn’t stay in the state to perform his primary responsibility which the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria empowered him do.

“If he had stayed in office like other governors do, the situation would not have gone that bad. These criminals which we know and which security agents are aware that majority of them are not Fulani that live in the country in the last 100 years ago.

“Criminals have just discovered that Nigerian borders are porous. They have just discovered that Nigeria does not have serious government at all levels. They have discovered that in Nigeria, you can commit any crime and go scot-free and that’s why these criminals began to troop into Nigeria from near and far within Africa in order to make brisk business through killing of innocent citizens, kidnapping innocent citizens, rustling cattle of innocent citizens because nothing would happen.

“In Zamfara state, any villager that is known to posses asset worth two million can no longer sleep in their homes. Once, the sun is set, he has to leave for the bush with his wife and children to go and sleep.”

“In Zamfara, villagers can not go to their farm this year and that is the serious challenge we are facing and where you are allowed to cultivate your, you have to pay a levy or a form of tax.

He warned of impending doom if nothing was done to halt killings, noting that what is happening in Zamfara state is already spreading to the South.

Dansadau further described President Buhari’s declaration to contest 2019 elections as unfair, saying he would be defeated.

“He is going to be defeated in a manner worse than Goodluck Jonathan’s defeat. If he defeated Jonathan with 3 million votes, he is going to be defeated with 10 million votes.

“Buhari’s tenure expires May 29th 2019 by the grace of God. God is not with him.”
Election War: Buhari’s defeat in 2019 will be worse than that of Jonathan - Sen Saidu Dansadau Election War: Buhari’s defeat in 2019 will be worse than that of Jonathan - Sen Saidu Dansadau Reviewed by The news cable on April 17, 2018 Rating: 5

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