Breaking: US Govt Wants Dialogue Between FG and IPOB Before Tucano Aircraft Is delivered

US wants dialogue between FG and IPOB

The 12 A29 Super Tucano aircraft ordered by Nigeria from the United States to fight insurgency are not due to arrive until 2020, a senior United States administration official disclosed at the weekend.

Speaking ahead of President Muhammadu Buhari’s visit to the White House next Monday, the official said the high regard the Donald Trump administration accords Nigeria is underscored by the fact that Buhari would be the first African leader to be received in the Trump White House.

The US administration official who spoke to journalists on the basis of strict anonymity nevertheless affirmed that issues arising from past agreements between the two countries would be on the cards at the US – Nigeria summit, including the open declaration of assets.

The administration official also spoke on the United States’ commitment to free and fair elections in 2019, teasingly asserted that the country’s candidate for the presidential election would be Mr.
Democratic Process. The official also said Washington would encourage open and frank negotiations between the Federal Government and the Indigenous People Of Biafra, IPOB.

Affirming that all issues involving the sale of the Super A29 Tucano aircraft have been cleared including receipt of an estimated $593 million from Nigeria, the official, however, said the aircraft were being built in Florida and would take at least two years to manufacture.

“The planes have not been fully built, and we are looking at delivery at or about 2020 as you don’t just pick them up because they have to be manufactured according to specifications.”

The A29 Super Tucano is a light attack aircraft intended for counter-insurgency, close air support, and aerial reconnaissance missions in low-threat environments. The estimated $539 million Nigeria paid for the aircraft the official disclosed included the cost of training for pilots, engineers, and spare parts.

The official observed that President Buhari’s visit to the White House was reflective of the premium the U.S gives to Nigeria noting that the Nigerian leader is the first African leader to be received by President Trump in the White House.
He said the warmth in relations was reflective in last week’s summit of African land forces co-hosted by the U.S. and Nigeria armies.

The US administration official restated the superpower’s commitment to the tenets of the U.S. – Nigeria Bi-national Commission, one of which is the open declaration of assets by elected officials and their subordinates.

“Sometimes it is difficult to implement (declaration of assets), but we will encourage that it should be followed through,” the official who briefed selected journalists said.

Given the declaration of the Boko Haram as a terrorist group by the United States’ States Department, the official was tasked on what approaches the US would take on issues between the Nigeria government and IPOB.

“On IPOB, we see that there is an aggrieved population that would want to have its views heard and we will encourage that there should be dialogue.

“We always encourage dialogue as we did with NDA (Niger Delta Avengers), PANDEF. We didn’t tell the vice-president to visit the Niger Delta, but we were happy that he did it and it worked, we are not colonialists but facilitators.”

The administration official, however, affirmed that issues pertaining to free and fair elections in 2019 would be seriously encouraged by the US administration and resounded in actions ahead of the polls.

“We are committed to doing more and more for Nigeria even more than we did in 2015.”

Teasing the journalists as the briefing came to a close, the official asked, “do you want to know who Washington would be supporting in 2019?”

“Our candidate is the Democratic Process!” the official said in the background briefing ahead of the historic summit between President Trump and Buhari, the first African leader in Washington D.C. next weekend
Breaking: US Govt Wants Dialogue Between FG and IPOB Before Tucano Aircraft Is delivered Breaking: US Govt Wants Dialogue Between FG and IPOB Before Tucano Aircraft Is delivered  Reviewed by The news cable on April 22, 2018 Rating: 5


  1. No election in Biafraland, US should ask President Bushari to provide Our leader Nnamdi Kanu first before anything.

  2. U.S, please save Nigerian masses from Buhari and anything that has to do with him and his segregated regime. The aircraft is not for insurgence but to silence the oppressed and wide out the tribes that may challenge him and his regime or oppose his term in office.

    1. please united state of america, this man ur seeing called Buhari is a terrorist

  3. Will Buhari be representing all of Nigerians on this visit or only members of his APC criminals, those his killers brothers from Northern Nigeria known as Fulani Herdsmen and Boko Haram fighters?

  4. Needless of beating over the bush,,,please US you are the last hope of Biafrans after God in heaven,,,,There is an earthnic cleansing in Biafra land,,everyday Killings and none were been played in nigerian social media. The nigerian government are rulling according to Islamic constitutions not according to the original constitutions of nigeria. Where will i start and where will i stop, there is a lot of scammes/intimidations/inversions/terrible killings of christianities/currupt leaders/ personal interesterial leaders/ army/police nigeria colluding with the bokoharam and hardsmen terrorists to wipe away christian all around the Biafran land, nigeria colluding with the cameroon government to kill Biafrans and our able relatives in cameroon presicely bakassi penisula,nigerian/cameroon etc. If USA love christians around the globe please let them help and divide nigeria because all over Africa Biafrans are been killed and massacre

  5. He is bringing the aircraft not for any other thing but to use it and wipe us (BIAFRANS) away, US should please encourage Nigeria to give us our freedom not even referendum because there was a country by Chinuo Achebe.

  6. Nigera is a country where cows are valued than human beings,,,nigeria a country that has not truth,,the politicians are all scammers. Nigeria is seriously turning into islamic country which they will never shocase the videos on social meadias on how innocent Christians are been massacered especially in Biafra land. Nigeria is a religious government which values muslims than christians. Nigeria is an unemployed states that do no christian youths favours despite how hardworking the christians seem to be. Nigeria is a failed state and nigerian is not signed by Biafrans only the north and the west. Nigeria is totally a disgrace to man kind. It is a country where you cannot express your feelings, a country where truth is prohibited. Nigeria is a country without developement. Nigeria is a dirty country that deserves destruction like Sodom and gomorah. Nigeran government are camelions. They laugh but they are deadly. PLEASE USA give South Eastern zone Biafra so that Africa will not experience another heavy genocidal war in nigeria. Settle this problem for us please we hope to see USA speaking unbehalf of Biafrans in Nigeria

  7. Good development.Kudos to Trump. All hail Biafra,the Land Rising Sun.

  8. Good development.Kudos to Trump. All hail Biafra,the Land Rising Sun.

    1. Not good enough. The U.S. is looking after it's interests. Otherwise why will they even want to host a president that tends to Islamise a nation knowing what Islam stands for?

  9. Any dialogue without Biafra freedom is not acceptable. Biafra freedom.

  10. Hmm lobbying is allowed as USA is involved in this evil befallen the Christian in Nigeria and have it in mind that will not help you because they are part of the evil we are talking about .for Nigeria to buy air craft from USA what did biafra buy from them?


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