If wishes were horses, beggars would ride. If everyone were equal, the world would have been a very boring place. If there were mornings and no nights, there would be no reason to stop toiling. If there were nights and no mornings, what are we living for? If there were no loved ones, there would be no one to go home to. If we had no life, we wouldn’t be thinking of hopes… Stay motivated.

The turn of events in a world filled with so much uncertainty is one that cannot however be over emphasized. One could keep striving so hard but nothing goes as smooth as it should… Stay motivated.

You place all your eggs in one basket, and something goes wrong with your basket. You scatter your eggs and your life seems without directions. You cast your bread in so many waters, yet it feels the water never recognizes it… Stay motivated

The hustle gets tighter and tougher, still nothing to show for it. You take up multiple jobs just to make ends meet and yet it feels you are doing absolutely nothing. The world seems upside down irrespective of your unending efforts… Stay motivated

As a career aspirant, you spend 4-7 years in school trying to bag that one certificate that would change a lot in your life. You keep pushing and striving even with the starving, late night reading, missing scripts, lecturer problems, extra tutorials, coke and coffee mixtures, hostel problems; you get darkened and pale in the process, but when it’s time to forge ahead, there are no jobs… Stay motivated.

In a jar filled with water and stone, notice that without the stones the water won’t rise. Science calls it Archimedes principles of upthrust; Life calls it, its principle. The stones are the hard times, without which we-the water can’t be lifted. Stay motivated.

Nothing comes easy; ask Albert Einstein. There is no uplift without a downcast and no downcast without uplift. It is called yin and yang; the balance of nature-the good in the bad and the bad in the good… Stay motivated

Life never goes as planned. It is what it is. Stay motivated; One day in retrospect, the days of struggle would strike as the most beautiful-Sigmund Freud.

By Nwosu, Chinwe E (Seal Dream Team)
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