7 Ways to Stop Bad Breath

When it comes to taking good care of our mouth, some of us don't see the necessity in that. We don't see the need to spend extra time taking care of our mouth, but the fact still remains, that your mouth tells a lot about you. if you don't take good care of what comes out of your mouth(your breath) than you are in serious trouble. Because people will try to keep away from you once they know, you always have bad breath. That is why i have decided to give you some fundamental and basic ways to taking good care of  mouth, to avoid bad breath.
1 Brush and Floss

Yes, I know what you are thinking, of course that what you do very morning. But even with that most people still find it difficult and lazy to brush in the morning. Normally it’s advisable to brush twice a day, in the morning when we wake and at night before we go to bed. That way you keep your mouth fresh and teeth’s healthy. Brushing is something most of us probably do, but when it comes to the flossing part, we think it’s not necessary. It’s a bit more complicated compared to brushing, but it really helps because it removes food from between the teeth that tends to be an excellent place for odor-causing bacteria to gather and multiply.

2 Clean Your Tongue

Yea, this part is very important but who thinks about cleaning your tongue when you brush your teeth? Cleaning your tongue, help a lot. Brushing is something we’ve all heard about tiresomely but what about cleaning your tongue? It turns out that the tongue is another place that’s particularly attractive to bacteria which are adept at hanging around and causing unpleasant odors. It’s quite easy to simply brush your tongue while you are brushing your teeth, and if you want to get really serious about it, you can pick up a tongue cleaner in many of the same places that sell toothbrushes or you can also make use of your toothbrush. Just remember when brushing, you tongue is also important.

3 Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is not just important to stopping bad breath but also important for your overall health, but not everyone knows that a dry mouth is a more enjoyable environment for those smelly bacteria. Saliva is nature’s way of keeping your mouth clean and it even has antibacterial properties. Since we are less likely to be aware of how dry our mouth gets when we are sleeping, we tend to awaken with a dry mouth frequently and the accompanying “morning breath” along with it. So taking a cup of water as you raise from you bed is very important and also staying hydrated during the day.

4 A Quick Rinse after eating

Believe it or not, taking just a few seconds to rinse your mouth with plain water after eating can help reduce bad breath. It not only helps flush out some of those food particles that can promote the growth of bacteria, it can also help get the pH levels in your mouth back to normal which helps keep bad breath moderate.
What you eat can have a tremendous effect on the freshness of your breath. While it’s not a surprise to anyone that things like garlic can cause bad breath, there are other foods to watch out for that might not be so obvious. Meats are a good example. They are famously good at getting stuck in between teeth and after a while the odor that is produced as they begin to break down is definitely not something you want coming from your mouth. So try making a habit to rinse your mouth after you eat, to wash away those some particles that gets stuck in your teeth. This way your mouth will be free from odor for some time.

5 Candy, Mints and Gum

Chewing candy, mints and gums is also good to prevent mouth odor. These can be an outstanding temporary solutions to a bad breath problem but they all wear off quickly unless you keep shoveling a steady supply into your mouth. The problem with these solutions is that they simply mask the odor of bad breath and don’t do anything to actually stop it. In some cases, the sugar that is contained in these things will actually feed the bacteria in your mouth and make things worse. When you’re out and about, these things can help, but there is no substitute for a clean mouth. So this is just a temporary solution for mouth odor.

6 Natural Solutions

Sure, you can carry a little bottle of mouthwash around with you all day and freshen up your breath sporadically but a lot of those store-bought solutions have chemical ingredients and other things that you may not want to be putting in your mouth all day. Green tea is an excellent alternative which you can keep with you to sip all throughout the day. Green tea contains natural antibiotics that help control the population of germs in your mouth. If you’re an extremely explicit natural food fan you can even chew on things like basil, cilantro, dill, mint, or parsley, which all contain chlorophyll, which fights bad breath.

7 The Dentist

It’s well-known that some people have fear of seeing the dentist that borders on panic attack territory. Still, there’s no getting around the fact that good oral health and hygiene are the best defense against bad breath. There is no better place to ask questions and find answers to problems like bad breath than from your dentist. If you think your bad breath is becoming unbearable than I think it’s time to visit a dentist. Sometimes the cause of your bad breath may not be from the foods you eat or you not brushing everyday but it may also be from mouth decay. Visiting a dentist will help solve such problems.

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