3 Things You Need To Know About Practice

1 Practice Enables Development

How do we grow and develop? Through practice. For us to always improve and develop our skills, talent and abilities we need to practice. Most people think they can do without practicing. They always think they know too much, therefore they don’t need to practice. We sometimes forget there is always room for improvement. It’s not a must we should develop it’s a choice. If you think you can depend on your talents and abilities alone to develop, then you are not yet ready to improve. If you desire to improve and develop, then you must practice.
It allows you to break your own records and exceed what you did yesterday. Done correctly, practice keeps making you better than you were yesterday. If you don’t practice, you short-change your potential.

2 Practice Leads to Breakthrough

Practice builds commitment. The true test of commitment is action. And action leads to breakthrough. For you to get to the breakthrough you need in life, you need the action that comes from your commitment. If you say, for example that you are committed to be coming a great speaker, dancer, footballer, musician, actor, model etc. but you never practice that’s not commitment, that’s just talk. But when you follow through and practice, you show your commitment. And every time you follow through, your commitment becomes stronger.
When you practice, at first the gains are small but then they begin to grow. But the secrets to having a breakthrough is to keep practicing even when it seems as if you are getting little from all the hard work and practice you have done. There is always a price to pay to reach the next level. The more breakthrough you have, the more you practice. Many people regard practice as an essentially negative experience. It doesn’t have to be that way. The best way to make practice exciting is to think of it in terms of discovery and development.

3 Practice Demands Discipline

One reason some people see practice as boringly studious is that it requires discipline. A lot of us struggle when it comes, to been discipline. Developing discipline always begins with a struggle. The truth is, there is no easy way to become a disciplined person. This has nothing to do with your talent or ability. It is a matter not of conditions, but of choice. But once the choice is made and practice becomes a habit, then that draws you closer to excellence.

Greek philosopher Aristotle observed, “Excellence is an art won by training and habitation. We are what we repeatedly do.” Excellence, then is not an act, but a habit.” That habit is developed during practice. And the more committed we are to practicing and working harder, the more we discover the act of discipline.

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