The difference Between Winning and Winners

Here is an example of an inspirational winner
A group of sales people left town for a meeting and told their families they would be back home, Friday evening for supper. But one thing led to another and the meeting didn’t end on time. They had to catch a flight back home, but arrived at the airport with only a few moment to spare. They ran, with tickets in hand, hoping to board the plane. While running, one of them hit a table knocking over a fruit basket. The fruit scattered and lay bruised all over the floor but they didn’t have time to stop. The made it to the plane just in time to board.

All of them breathed a sigh of relief that they had made it, except for one. He got up, said good-bye to his friends, and returned to the table with the fruit. What he saw made him glad that he came back. Behind the table was a ten-year-old blind girl who was selling the fruit to make a living. He said, “I hope we haven’t ruined your day.” He pulled out ten dollars from his wallet, handed it to her and said, “This will take care of the fruit,” and left.

The girl couldn’t see what was going on; but as the man’s footsteps faded away, she shouted from behind, “Are you God?” The salesman missed his flight but was he a winner? You bet, he was.
In life there are some defeats more triumphant the victories. Some people always want to win at all cost. They don’t care if they hurt people along the way or what they must do to win, all they just care about is just winning. Does that make them winners? No!

While some will tell you “it doesn’t matter how I win, or it doesn’t matter who I must step on to win. As long as it results to me winning that’s all that matters. Winning is an event; being a winner is a spirit. Mark twain said, “It is better to deserve an honor and not have it than have it and not deserve it. Dignity is not possessing but deserving.

If winning is your only objective, you may miss out on the internal rewards that comes with doing something well. More important than winning is winning with honor and deserving to have won. It is better to lose honorably than to succeed with dishonesty. One may win a trophy with cheating and dishonesty but knowing the truth one can never be a happy person. Because deep down you know you don’t deserve the trophy and you are not worthy of it.

More important than winning a trophy is being a good human being. Winners are gracious. They never brag about themselves, they respect and appreciate their team members and opponents. Many people know how to be successful, very few know how to handle success. The reality is that life is a competition and we have to compete, but I believe that the most important thing about competing is competing with yourself alone. Competing to make yourself a better person. Competing to make sure you learn from your past mistakes and improve.

But even when you compete with others make sure your objective is to win- fairly, squarely, decently and by the rules.
Winners recognize that no one can make it alone. Even though champions get the medals, they realize that there are many people behind their success, without whom success would not have been possible. I know we can never repay those who have helped us. The only way to show a little gratitude is by helping those who are following.

Just like Socrates taught Plato; Plato taught Aristotle; Aristotle taught Alexander the great. Knowledge, had it not been passed along, would have died. Our greatest responsibility is to pass on a legacy that the coming generations can be proud of. Winners live and work every day as if it were their last day because one of these days it is going to be and nobody knows which one. But when they leave, they leave as winners. We cannot help ourselves without helping others, we cannot enrich our lives without enriching others. We cannot prosper without bringing prosperity to others. Winners leave a legacy!

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