7 Signs He's Not Ready For Marriage

He avoids your family

When your guy starts avoiding your family just know that he is not ready to make any commitment, talk more of getting married. Guys who avoid your family are guys who just want to keep it on the down low. They don’t want a situation that will make it difficult for them to break up with you if they are ready to. Am not saying that such a person is a bad person or womanizer, am just saying he is not ready for marriage.

He can’t make big decisions

A guy who can’t make big decisions is definitely not ready for marriage. His hesitation to get marry might not be about you at all. If he can’t decide on say, what career path he wants to follow or where he wants to live, he probably doesn’t know himself well enough to settle down. Some guys are like that. They don’t know what they want to do with their lives let alone deciding on what to do with yours. So just know he is not ready for marriage. Maybe along the way when he finally decides, then fine. But as long as he can’t decide now, he is not ready. And please don’t try to force him to get married to you, because if you get married to him, you are in for a long ride.

He talks about a future without you in it

When he plans for his future, he leaves you behind. He always talks about how he’s going to get this and that. Do this and that or make this and that. It’s always “I will do this, I will make this or I will get this.” It’s never we. He doesn’t use “We” because he can’t picture a future with you in it.  He’s not yet thinking about your lives together. It’s not like he has to account for every little detail, but if he is not showing an interest in your future, it might be because he doesn’t see himself in it. Just know that he might just want you for now, not the future, if you know what I mean. Just cancel any marriage plans with him, because he is not ready for marriage.

He makes it difficult to trust him

A relationship gains strength from the moments that trust grows between two people. However, if your man does not talk or care about your concerns and joys, it may mean that this relationship is only on a physical level. And if he is always lying and not always straight forward when he talks about himself and stuffs it’s a sign he’s not ready to commit with you. And if he lie to you about where he was or who he was talking with, take it as a warning sign that he is seeking an escape from the relationship. He’s not ready to get married. A guy who is ready to get married to you will be willing to open up to you and makes sure you trust him enough, to marry him.

He doesn’t visit you

When it comes to visiting, he leaves it to you. You do most of the visiting, while he just sits back and relax. Sometimes ladies feel they are the ones to do the visiting, while guys do the welcoming. Yea it’s no big deal, but honestly when it comes to dating a guy that you think you would like to marry, then he should be committed to also doing that often. Sometime you think it’s not a big deal, yes it’s not. But if he is someone you plan to spend the rest of your life with, he should also take his time to always pay you a visit. When a guy claim his too busy for you, then he’s not ready for marriage. A guy who is ready to commit his life to you, will make out time, no matter what. When a guy wants to, he will find a way to be with you. He will move around his schedule in order to spend time together.

He doesn’t handle conflicts well

Relationships requires care, and sure, fight happens. But when you get into a quarrel, does he always become uncontrollable or calmly try to explain why something bothers him? Does he talk to you when he’s upset or totally shut down emotionally? If he always loses his cool during small disagreement, it’s not a good sign for any of the larger conflicts that may come down the line. Back off, he’s not ready for marriage. Unless you want him to turn you into his punching bag later in the future. That doesn’t mean he will hit you, but it’s not a good sign.

He always wants to control you

He always wants to be the one making all the decisions in your life. He doesn’t want you to do this or that, all he always want is for you to do things his way. I know some ladies like a man who can step in and be in charge, but when it comes to always criticizing you in private and also in public, then he’s not just taking charge, he’s taking control over you. A guy who claims to love you and wants to spend he’s life with you, will be ready to accept you, the way you are. He’s not ready for marriage, when he is all up in your business. Well it’s a crazy world nowadays, the choices that ladies make when it comes to the kind of guy they want to settle down with, baffles me. well love they say, is blind.

No one is perfect, so open your heart, talk to your man about the behaviors that concern you and share your expectations. Always take your time when you are in relationship. No rushing! Never settle for a guy who is not fully committed in your relationship. The purpose of courtship, is for you to decide whether you really want to spend your whole life with a certain person. Always watch out for behaviors that may become an even bigger issue after marriage.

Written By Somto Okonkwo 

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