4 Secrets to successful practice that will help improve your life

A Little Extra Effort
Charles Kendall Adams, observed “No one ever attains very eminent success by simply doing what is required of him; it is the amount of excellence of what is over and above the required that determines greatness.”
All accomplishments begin with the willingness to try and put a little extra effort. The difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary is the extra. A little extra effort always gives a person an edge. A lot of people are willing to give their best to achieve success but very few people give a little extra effort to achieve success. The difference between first and the second best is just a little effort.
The difference between a quitter and a winner is the ability to go give a little extra effort when others will give up.

A Little Extra Time
Successful people practice harder and practice longer than unsuccessful people do. Peter Lowe says “The most common trait I have found in all successful people is that they have conquered the temptation to give up.” Giving a little extra time requires more than just perseverance. It requires patience. As you work to give a little extra time to your efforts, it is wise to maintain a longer view of the process of improvement. Such a perspective really helps.

A Little Extra Help
To succeed, we all need not just help but a little extra help. The journey of success requires that at some point of our lives, we will need one or two people to get there. Buts it’s really important that you are fully prepared and ready, so that when that little extra help arrives you will be there to make use of it.
In life whatever your goal or dream might be you need someone who has been there before you to mentor and guide you. You need to be willing to go the extra mile in other to find someone willing to offer you a little extra help.

A Little Extra Change
Let’s face it. Most people are resistant to change. They desire improvement, but they resist changing their everyday routine. That’s a problem because, we cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we are. To sharpen your talents and abilities through practice, you need to do more than just be open to change. You need to purse change and you need to do it a little bit more than other achievers.

Here’s what to look for and how to focus your energy to get the kinds of change that will change you for the better.
-          Don’t change just enough to get away from your problems. Change enough to solve them.
-          Don’t change your circumstances to improve your life. Change yourself to improve your circumstances.
-          Don’t do the same old things expecting to get different results. Get different results by doing something new.
-          Don’t wait to see the light to change. Start changing as soon as feel the heat.
-          Don’t see change as something hurtful that must be done- see it as something helpful that can be done.
-          Don’t avoid paying the immediate price for change. If you do, you will pay the ultimate price of never improving.

When you have worked hard in practice to improve yourself and you begin to see results, please don’t think that’s the time to stop practicing. You never arrive at your potential, you can only continue to strive towards it. And that means continual practice.

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