13 key choices that can maximize your talent

People have equal value, but not equal talent. Some people seem to be blessed with multitude of talents. Most of us have fewer abilities. But know this: all of us have something we can do well. Everyone has talent, you just need to discover and develop your talent. And always remember it’s very important to develop the talent you have, not the one you want.

I discover these 13 key choices that can maximize your talent from the book “Talent Is Never Enough” by John C. Maxwell. Get the book, it’s a book that will make you discover the choices that will take you beyond your talent.
People who neglect to make the right choices to release and maximize their talents continually under-perform. Their talent allows them to stand out, but their wrong choices make them sit down. Their talent gives them opportunity, but their wrong choices shut the door. Talent is a given, but you must earn success.

 Talent give you opportunity, but your choices opens the door for even greater success.
Life is a matter of choices, and every choice you make, makes you. What will you do for your career? Who will you marry? Where will you live? How much education will you get? What will you do with today? But one of the most important choices you will make is who will you become!
Talent is God-given. That is why you need to apply these 13 key choices to maximize your talent.

1. Belief lifts your talent
I don’t know what your talent is, but I do know this: it will not be lifted to its highest level unless you also have belief. Talent is never enough. If you want to become your best, you need to believe your best. You need to believe in your potential, in yourself and in your mission.

 2. Passion energizes your talent
Passion can energize every aspect of a person’s life-including his talent. A passionate person with limited talent will outperform a passive person who possesses greater talent. Why? Because passionate people act with boundless enthusiasm, and they just keep going! Passion is the first step to achievement. Passion increases willpower and produces energy. Passion is the foundation for excellence.

3. Initiative activates your talent
Talent- plus people don’t wait for everything to be perfect to move forward. They don’t wait for all the problems or obstacles to disappear. They don’t wait until their fear subsides. They take initiative. They know a secret that good leaders understand: momentum is their friend. As soon as they take that first step and start moving forward, things become a little easier. If the momentum gets strong enough, many of the problems take care of themselves and talent can take over. But it starts after you’ve taken those steps. Initiative is the first step to anywhere you want to go and it closes the door to fear. Initiative opens the door to opportunity and eases life’s difficulties. Initiative is often the difference between success and failure.

4. Focus directs your talent
Focus can bring tremendous power. Without it, you will often feel drained and unable to accomplish much. With it, you will find that your talents and abilities gain direction and intentionality. And those qualities pay off by producing results. Focus does not come naturally to most people but it can increase your energy. Focus lifts you and expands your life. Focus must be intentionally sustained. People do not naturally remain focused. Just as light naturally loses its focus and gets diffused, so does a person’s attention. It takes a lot of effort, but the payoff is significant. Focus on the present, stay focused on results. Develop and follow your priorities. Focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses.

5. Preparation positions your talent
What happens when you don’t prepare? Things you hoped won’t happen do happen and occur with greater frequency than the things you hoped would happen. The reason is simple: being unprepared puts you out of position. Preparation positions people correctly, and it is often the separation between winning and losing. Preparation allows you to tap into your talent. Preparation is a process, not an event. Preparation for tomorrow begins with the right use of today. Preparation requires continually good perspective and good preparation leads to action.

6. Practice sharpens your talent
It is a fact: you play at the level at which you practice. Consistently good practice leads to consistently good play. It sharpens your talent. Successful people understand this. They value practice and develop the discipline to do it. If you want sum up what life’s most successful individuals above the crowd, you could do it with four little words: a little bit more. Successful people pay their dues and do all that is expected of them. Practice enables development, leads to discovery and demands discipline.

7. Perseverance sustains your talent
Perseverance is not an issue of talent. It is not an issue of time. It is about finishing. Talent provides hope for accomplishment, but perseverance guarantees it. No matter how talented people are, there is no success without perseverance. Perseverance means succeeding because you are determined to, not destined to. Perseverance is need to release most of life’s rewards. Perseverance draws sweetness out of adversity.

8. Courage tests your talent
People think of courage as a quality required only in times of extreme danger or stress, such as during war or disaster. But it is much larger than that and more ordinary than we think. Courage is an everyday virtue. You can’t do nothing worthwhile without courage. The person who exhibits courage is often able to live without regrets. You don’t have to be great to become a person of courage. You just need to want to reach your potential and to be willing to trade what seems good moment for what’s best for your potential.  That’s something you can do regardless of your level of natural talent.

9. Teachability expands your talent
If you are a highly talented person, you may have a tough time with teach-ability. Why? Because talented people often think they know it all. And that makes it difficult for them to continually expand their talent. Teach-ability is not so much about competence and mental capacity as it is about attitude. It is the desire to listen, learn, and apply. It is the hunger to discover and grow. It is the willingness to learn, unlearn, and relearn. Whatever your talents happens to be, whether its leadership, craftsmanship, entrepreneurship, or something else, you will expand it if you keep expecting and striving to learn. Talented individuals with teachable attitudes become talent-plus people. 

10. Character protects your talent
Many people with talent make it into limelight, but the ones who have neglected to develop strong character rarely stay there long. Absence of strong character eventually topples talent. Why? Because people cannot climb beyond the limitations of their character. Talented people are sometimes tempted to take shortcuts. Character prevents that. Talented people may feel superior and expect special privileges. Character helps them to know better. Talented people are praised for what other see them build. Character builds what’s inside them. Talented people have potential to be difference makers. Character makes a difference in them. Talented people are often a gift to the world. Character protects that gift. When it comes to talent, everything is not always as it’s seems to the casual observer. Sometimes what appears to be huge success isn’t. And in time, the truth comes out.

11. Relationships influence your talent
Nothing will influence your talent as much as the important relationships in your life. Surround yourself with people who add value to you and encourage you, and your talent will go in a positive direction. Spend time with people who constantly drain you, pull you in the wrong direction, or try to knock you down, and it will be almost impossible for your talent to take flight. People can trace the successes and failures in their lives to their most significant relationships. 

12. Responsibility strengthens your talent
Nothing adds “muscle” to talent like responsibility. It lifts talent to a new level and increases its stamina. Responsibility is often the last choice people desire to make. The result is “flabby” talents that fails to perform and never realizes it’s potential. How sad for the person who fails to take responsibility. Author and Editor Michael Korda said, “Success on any major scale requires you to accept responsibility. In the final analysis, the one quality that all successful people have is the ability to take on responsibility.” If you desire success, make responsibility your choice.  Responsibility over time, builds a solid reputation.

13. Teamwork multiplies your talent
Teamwork not only allows a person to do what he couldn’t otherwise do; it also has a compounding effect on all he possesses, including talent. Whatever you your vision or desire, teamwork makes the dream work. Working together with other people toward a common goal is one of the most rewarding experiences of life. A group of talented people committed to working together is a work of art. It is common sense that people working together can do more than an individual working alone. So why are some people reluctant to engage in teamwork? It can be difficult in the beginning. Teams don’t usually come together and develop on their own. 

They require leadership and cooperation. While that may be more work on the front end, the dividends it pays on the back end are tremendous and well worth the effort. Teamwork is not about you, it’s about working in togetherness.

Whatever talent you have you can improve. Never forget that the choices you make in the end makes you. Choose to become a talent-plus person. If you do, you will add value to yourself, add values to others, and accomplish much more than you dreamed was possible.

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