Who Is a Friend?

Oxford advance dictionary defines friend as a person one know and likes, but who is not a relation. It also defines friend as a helper and supporter. According this definition one might assume that all we expect from a person we call our friend? The answer is no. A friend is more than that, having good friends is really important to your happiness. According to Ada Osegbo she defines a friend as someone who cherishes, loves and is always there for you. We are looking for a true friend, but we forget that we have to be the right person too. Experience has shown that there is no prefect person, no perfect job and no perfect spouse. Friendship takes sacrifice, building friendships and relationships takes sacrifice, loyalty and maturity. Selfishness destroys friendships.

Casual acquaintance comes easy but true friendship take time to build and effort to keep. Friendships are put to tests and when they endure, they grow stronger. We must learn to recognize fake friendships. True friends do not want to see their friends hurt, true friendship gives more than it gets and stands by adversity. Friendship should not be built on jealousy, selfishness, puffed up egos and rude behavior.

There are friends I try to avoid. I can them fair-weather friend. A fair-weather friend is like a banker who lends you his umbrella when the sun is shining and takes it back the minute it rains.
Here is a story of two men traveling through the forest and came across a bear, one of them quickly climbed a tree but the other was unable to, so he lay on the ground and played dead. The bear sniffed around his ear and left. The fellow from the tree came down and asked him “what did the bear tell you?” the replied, “he said, don’t trust a friend who deserts you in danger!”

The message is so clear keep away from friends that desert you in times of danger. Mutual trust and confidence is the foundation stone of all friendship. People make friends for different motives.
Some are just for-Pleasure, just only interested when the friend and entertaining. When the pleasure goes, friendship goes.
Some are just for-Conveniences, when is about taking, taking and taking when there is no trouble or difficulty, that friend will not last.
Some are just for the- Money, when the person is connected, financially OK and resourceful. When the money goes friendship goes.
Some are just -Dream killers, friends who are always jealous of you, friends that will always discourage you to do something good. These are the friends we must take note of and avoid if not they will destroy our lives, dreams, vision, goals, happiness, peace and our personality, and leave us for dead. Keep them off! READ 6 ATTRIBUTES OF FRIENDS YOU SHOULD AVOID.

True friend is built on mutual respect. These are people who have the good of each other at heart and act accordingly. It is based on character and commitment. There is lasting goodness at both ends. A friend who will feel your pain in times of trouble. A friend who will go hungry so that you can eat. Look for a friend that will help you achieve your goals, friends that grieve with you. Your friend is a reflection of yourself.

Growing up I had lots of friends, then my dad always tell me to know my friends and to be careful of the kind of friends I keep but I didn’t really get the message. I always thought he just didn’t want me to have friends, but as time went on I begin to discover the truth the hard way. I begin to know those who were truly my friend and those who are just fair-weather. Friend with great attitude and God fearing. This kind of friend will last forever. How can know true friends? It’s so glaring; by their fruit you shall know them. READ 6 ATTRIBUTES OF FRIENDS YOU SHOULD KEEP.

Don’t forget this also applies to you, you have to be a true friend yourself to be able to get one. Don’t disappoint your friends and you won’t be disappointed. Even though sometimes you do well to people only to get the opposite. Do well anyway!

Can your friends give their lives, so that you can live? Can you also give your life so that your friend can live?
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