6 Ways To Fight Procastination

A lot of us are very familiar with the word “procrastination!” And for those who don’t know what procrastination is, procrastination is the habit of putting tasks off to the last possible minute. The fact still remains that most of us has fallen a victim to procrastination on several occasions. A lot of people have lost their opportunities and their dreams because of procrastination. Procrastination is one of the greatest enemies you will ever face. A lot of you know what you should do and what’s right, even though you have good intentions but you still keep putting things off.

The interesting thing about procrastination it’s so easy to justify, you keep saying-

  •      One day I will get serious with my relationship with God but not right now
  • ·       One day I will forgive that person that hurt me but not right now
  • ·         One day I will follow my dreams not right now
  • ·         One day I will get my finances in other but not right now
  • ·         One day I will get back in shape but not right now
  • ·         One day I will stop lying but not right now
  • ·         One day I will make out time for my children but not right now
  • ·         One day I will go see my parents who are getting up there in age but not right now
  • ·         One day I will call my love ones but not right now
  • ·         One day I will help him\her but not right now.

The problem with that is most of the time one day never comes, do it right now before it’s too last. Procrastination is a time killer, it kills our time very slowly, we think we have more time but before we realize what’s going on; it’s already late.

Why do we always fall into the trap of procrastination?

We keep saying I will do it soon or I will do later, only for us to end up not doing it at all. Sometimes a task that is supposed to only last for only a couple of hours, will go on a whole week, a whole month or a whole year just because we keep procrastinating. Failure to conquer procrastination can be a major problem in both our career and personal life. 

The truth is almost everyone procrastinates whenever there is work to do, people will make every excuse imaginable not to do it. They will put off and put off until they have absolutely no choice but to give in cause now their backs are against the wall. We all have a reason why we procrastinate, sometimes you’ll procrastinate because you’re overwhelmed with too much on your plate and procrastination gives you a way out. Other times you will feel tired, lazy and you can’t get going. Am also guilty when it comes to procrastinating, I have been a victim of procrastination. I don’t like putting things off but one way or the other I still find myself procrastinating. I had to make a choice either I keep putting things off and find it harder to deal with later, or I start doing it immediately and be stress free later, it was up to me to decide what to do. So I decided I had to put a stop to procrastination. So this was the steps I took.



Show me those who neglect to take responsibility for their lives and I’ll show someone who lack initiative. Life isn’t fair; it’s not going to be fair. You loss the opportunity to take charge of your life because you keep procrastinating and waiting for others to carry out the task for you, every day that you keep putting things off is a day you have wasted. Start enjoying your life by taking full control of your life it’s a decision that you can make. Success won’t come that way, we need to take responsibility and act.


Plan what you want to accomplish, if possible write down the tasks. This way will feel less stressed out and also it will make you more organize. Now that you’ve draw up a plan, it’s time for you to execute it. Don’t be deceived planning and writing down your task won’t work, if you are not ready to execute your plans.


It’s extremely difficult to be successful if you are forever putting things off. Procrastination is the fertilizer that makes difficulties grows. When you take too long too long to make up your mind about an opportunity that presents itself, you will miss out on seizing it. To get over the difficulty of getting task done, focus on what you’ll get out of it, if you get it done. Will completing the task bring a financial benefit? Will it clear the way for something else you would like to do? Will it improve your life and move you closer to success? Stay positive on every task you embark on.


Divide it by categories, prioritize it by their importance. This will make your tasks easier and simpler. Write them out in different orders and start working on the tasks one after the other, starting from the most important task till the last task you have. This is just to help you be in order and not start getting confused about what task to do first.


Are you waiting for others to motivate you, are you stressed out, or are you just been lazy? Are you waiting for everything to be perfect before you act? Are you fantasizing about tomorrow instead of focusing on what you can do today? Or is there other issue that is preventing you from taking action? What’s important is that you separate legitimate reasons from excuses. An excuse puts the blame on someone or something outside you. Excuses are what we use as distractions, when we are asked to give our reasons for not getting a task done. Eliminate excuses!  Ones you’ve done that, you can turn your attention to the reasons and how to overcome them.


If possible avoid a situation that will make you want to procrastinate, always be a now person. When you have something to do, do it with immediately. Learn to listen to your consciousness, deep down you know you should do something but you refuse to do it. When you don’t do it you will have that feeling of guilt in you that you should have done it when you had the chance. It’s less painful for you to do it now, but more stressful and depressing when you put things off. Always try to be a now person, that way you will get to stay happy rather than always sad and stressed out.

Note- you have to work very hard on improving yourself in these areas in other to overcome procrastination. Most importantly you have to improve your mental strength, that way you will be determined to execute a task immediately without putting things off. But remember it up to you to make it work or you can keep procrastinating that you will do it one day. Like I said one day never comes, do it while you still can. Do it now! 

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