8 Ways To Keep a Secret

Why do we keep things as secrets? Why do decide to undergo the pressure of keeping a secret? Why do we feel the need to hide a person’s secret? All this questions is what we need to ask ourselves when deciding to keep a secret.  While some keep secrets to blackmail others, some keep secrets on others simply because that person also has a secret on them. Being entrusted with a secret can be both a delight and a burden.

You should be honored that someone trust s you enough to tell you a secret, but be aware that if you betray that trust, you could damage your relationship with the person who told you. You may also be keeping your own secret, which can be just as difficult as keeping someone else secret. Developing the will power to remain quiet will ensure that the secret is kept and will maintain your reputation as a trustworthy person. Like I said in 3 SIMPLE FACTS WHY YOU DO NOT KEEP SECRETS, not all secrets bring us stress; some secrets are useful and even pleasant. As long as the secrets isn’t hurting you or anyone else, or isn’t perceived by you as being a bad thing.

Keeping someone else secrets

1 Know the intensity of the secret before you hear it

If someone tells you ahead of time that they are going to tell you a secret, ask for more information first. Make sure you know the seriousness of the secret before you hear it. Don’t sign up for something; when you don’t know what you are getting into. Find out if it’s a “little” secret or “big” secret. This will tell you how important it is that you keep the secret. It will also tell you if you need to give the person your undivided attention while they disclose their secret. Prepare yourself to listen to the secret if you know you can handle it.

2 When keeping a secret ask for the duration

It will be very easier to keep a secret if you know you only have to keep it for a certain length of time. If the person expects you to keep the secret forever, that is good to know up front as well. Remember if you know you are not capable of keeping the secret for that long, it’s better to inform the person before you make a commitment.

3 Find out if the secret is between the both of you

Know if the secret has been shared with someone else or it’s just between the both of you. Also find out if you are allowed to tell someone else. Asking if it’s okay to tell can help you avoid an uncomfortable situation in which the person is upset you. If you know you are going to tell your spouse or someone very dear to you, be up front with that information and warn the person that you are going to tell someone else. You may want to warn them about this before they tell you the secret.

4 Stop the person from telling you

If you know you are very terrible at keeping secrets, tell the person not to tell you the secret. There is no shame in saying that; it will even make you more trustworthy and also comfortable. The person will appreciate your honesty and still has the option of telling you, knowing that you may tell someone else. Some study has shown that keeping a secret puts undue stress on a person. If you wish to avoid added stress, just say no to secrets.
Keeping your own secret

1 Decide how long you want to keep the secret

Keeping your own secret is very different from keeping other peoples secret. Deciding how long you want to keep a secret is entirely up to you. And you will decide when you when to tell someone. Also try waiting a few days if you feel very emotional about the secret. You may regret it telling someone immediately, and giving yourself a few days to calm down may help you more rational decisions about when to tell people and who to tell.

2 push the secret out of your mind

Try to put your mind off the secret. Keep your mind busy with other things and try not to think about the secret too much. If constantly think about it, it may be much more difficult to keep yourself from telling someone. Try building a mental strength because secret can be very exhausting and sometime stressful.

3 you can entrust your secret to one person

If you know that you are absolutely sure that you want to tell someone, Make sure you tell one person. Think about your past experiences with that person. Have they been trustworthy and discreet in the past? Make sure you are very precise about your expectations when you tell the person your secret: are they allowed to tell? But know that telling anyone opens up the possibility that the secret will get out.

Avoiding the topic

Do not bring up the topic to anyone. If you bring up the topic of the secret in a conversation with someone, you will likely be tempted to tell the secret. You may consciously or subconsciously bring up the topic hoping that you will have the opportunity to tell the secret. Being aware of this can help keep you from doing it subconsciously.

Change the conversation topic if necessary. If you are talking to someone who mentions something related to the secret, you may need to change the topic of conversation. Continuing to talk about something that reminds you of the secret will put it in front of your mind and may tempt you to tell. Try to change the subject casually or if necessary find a reason to leave.
You can also pretend you don’t know anything if someone suspects that you know a secret, try to pretend you don’t understand what the person is saying, if he\she asks you about it directly. 

You may even pretend to ask questions about the secret.
Also you can be honest about it. If someone keeps pressing you for information, tell them you can’t talk about it at the moment. Even though you are admitting that you know something about the secret.  If the person is persistent, politely tell them to stop asking you. Read 3 SIMPLE FACTS WHY YOU DO NOT KEEP SECRETS

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