7 Habits That Leads To Failures


 Wow, have said it. Most of us are just too lazy to do any everything with our lives. We are too lazy to wake up early, too lazy to work out and even too lazy to eat healthy foods instead we prefer eating junk foods. A lot of us waste our precious time sitting around all day long and doing nothing. All we do are things that effect our lives negatively. We spend all day either watching movies or playing computer/video games, or gossiping and jesting with our Friends all day. That what I call a waste of time and potential. Laziness is a very simple habit to develop yet so hard to break.


Mental skills encompass self-discipline, confidence, ambition, productivity and positive care beliefs. They affect your attention, memory, comprehension, processing skills, logic and reasoning. Failure to develop mental skills makes your life very miserable and frustrating. Not only has that it diminished your self-esteem and self-approval.


What motivates and inspire you? You can read ARE YOU MOTIVATED OR INSPIRED? I wrote how both can work together and differently. A lot of us quit so easily, if your heart is not in something, you can’t do it. When you form the habit of quitting anything you do that doesn’t work at the time, you will never be committed at any goal you set for yourself. It’s true that when something doesn't work, you should try something else but it’s also good to find a solution to a problem before deciding if the problem is unsolvable. If you feel you can’t commit to anything for too long then you are ultimately setting yourself up for failure. Such habits will also make you find it difficult to commit to any career, profession, relationship and goals that comes your way. You lack persistence.


A lot of us has this habit of thinking the government, their parents or their rich relative owes them something. Well sorry to disappoint you because nobody owes you anything, you owe it to yourself to better your live and be who you want to be. Success comes from hard work and self-belief. Yes, you deserve the right to ask for help, but you also deserve the opportunity to prove to yourself you can do it without relying upon others. So sitting down doing nothing and having this habit of waiting for someone to come to your aid, will only keep waiting for a very long time. Trust me it’s better to start a project and ask for help then just doing nothing and waiting for help to come.


All good things come to those who exercise patience, it’s very frustrating when someone that to you. However, it is true. Life they say is a journey but not all of us tends to wait patiently to get to the end of our destination. We just want it very fast, easy and very quick. If you develop the habit of always been so impatient, trust me there is only one out come to that and that is unhappiness. Been so impatient towards your goals and dreams will not take any closer to them but down the drain. Actively pursuing your goals is one thing, but fretting when you haven't achieved them makes you less able and likely to achieve them. Also when you develop the habit of depending so much on people that could easily destroy your self-confidence and make more impatient.


When you set out to accomplish something and you don't; what’s the absolute worst that can happen? You fail? Wait have i lost you? OK let’s take athletes for example they failed over and over before they accomplish anything great. For some, it takes multiple failures in order to reach success. But having a very big ego can make you fail and instead of learning from your mistakes and be better, it will rather make you feel so cool with your failure. When you have the habit of not admitting to your mistakes that can end very bad for you. Sometimes your ego will make you pursue strategy or tactic even after you know (in your heart of hearts) that it’s not working and not going to work. but in other not to look confused or incapable you choose to continue trying it even when you could just admit you made a mistake and ask for help, but no you feel you bigger than that. Well good luck to you and your strategies. You will need it.


Finally this one is very, very common with almost everybody. Why I used the word almost is because success people don’t make excuses they improvise. Know this procrastination is an agent of excuse. You give reasons why you can’t do this or that. Well excuses and procrastination only lead to future regrets. Stop making excuses and take charge of your life. It’s very easy to form such habits of making excuses, and almost impossible to break from. But if you really care about your future, you will take your present very seriously. To get from where you are in life to where you want to be, you need to avoid making excuses and take charge of your life.

Conclusion- the road to success is not complicated- It’s quite simple. It all begins with the way you think- with clear vision of what you want (and how badly you want it) - and keep developing daily habits that move you closer to your goals.
So you see habits are not good or bad. It’s a matter of whether or not they are moving you closer to your vision of success. You are in control. You are the driver. TAKE CHARGE!
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