6 Attributes Of Friends You Should Avoid


If you have dreams don’t hang around with people who have none. Life is all about believing that things will get better. Dream killers will make sure they kill your dreams, because they want you to be the on same level with them. If possible they will make sure they put you lower than them. They will kill your confidence, self-esteem, determination and your courage to succeed in life. They are toxic because they do not have dreams therefore they make it their priority to kill your dreams. They will try to prove to you that your dreams are nothing but just dreams. Avoid such people they are very deadly.


They are kind of the disappearing act of friends. They are constantly there with you when things are going well. They like it when the weather round you is bright and going well. But when you are going through some difficult moment, they notice that the weather is now cloudy and tough, they disappear from you immediately. When you call them for help, they keep giving you all sort of excuses at too while they can’t help you. But as soon as things are beginning to return back to shape for you, they are back. And you call such a person your friend? What a shame. You need to Ctrl-delete such people from your lives, with an immediate effect.

This perhaps the worst kind of people you want to surround yourself with. If a person can easily judge someone in front of you then guess what, they can judge you too behind your back. Don’t get me wrong, there is a big difference between making a judgment and being judgmental. Judgments are objective and based on understanding, while being judgmental is about criticism. Judgmental people are always quick to jump to conclusions. They are poor listeners and communicators. But they always feel the need to always correct you and criticize you in every opportunity they get.  They never see any good in you, and when make a mistake; they are the first to say “I told you so!” In fact they love to see you fail and always make mistakes so they can have something to talk about. Beware of such friends, they don’t care about you. Avoid them.


They are very demanding; they use the friendship for their own good and can be very toxic in your life. This is the kind of friends who will cling tight on you and keep sucking you dry without giving anything in return. A healthy friendship is a two way sidewalk. The both of you are in it together. If you are someone who is generous and giving, these people will know no bounds when taking because they feel it’s a norm for them. They will always manipulate you to make sure they get what they want. They will even lie and deceive you till they get what they want. Be very careful, they are just your friends because of what they are benefiting from you. When you don’t have what they want anymore, zoom! Off they go. Stay alert! Stay wise!


This kind of friends will laugh, play and rejoice with you. But behind your back they are very jealous of you; they are angry and sad that you are doing better than them. They will always go about saying they want what’s best for you and they want you to succeed in life. If only we have the ability to read the human mind for a day, you be so shocked to discover the evil thoughts some people are capable of thinking about. They will say to you they even want you to do better than them. But in reality, they secretly just don’t like you nor want the best for you. Be very careful; because these people may want to appear like your friend due to strategic and calculative reasons and will mask their true feeling with eagerness and compliments. Always trust your instinct, your intuition always knows.


They are excessively complaining, whining and very negative. These types of friends are glowing with negativity and can be extremely toxic. They never bring anything positive into conversation or any social gathering. They are always talking about things that will keep bring you down and keep in conditions that will make you whine and complain like them. They always complain about every little thing, yet they cannot come up with good alternative plan. They will put you jeopardy whenever you are with them. It’s left for you to stay away from such as person, or stay and keep going down the drain.

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