5 Signs He Wants a Serious Relationship with You

The following signs will tell you if a guy wants a serious relationship, however, finding one or two of these signs is not a guarantee of the seriousness. But in order to avoid a shitty relationship you should see at least three of these signs for decision support and not for decision making.

1. He Trusts You

When he wants a serious relationship with you, he gives you his trust. One of the most important sign of a strong couple in a relationship is trust. Every relationship have its up and down, but for most part when you tell him that you love him and he’s the only one, he trusts what you say without saying “Really?”. He doesn’t monitor your every movement or try to go through your phone at every chance he gets. He respects you well enough to trust what you do and say even when he’s not there with you. Some times when a guy start checking everything thing you do or doesn’t trust anything you tell him, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you, it just means they are insecure. Such relationships are not healthy because you will fight a lot and quarrel about everything. A guy who wants serious relationship with you and wants to take it to the next level will not just love you but also trust you as well. A strong relationship is open and honest during ups and downs.

2. He Cares About You

When he wants a serious relationship with you, he shows more care and affection towards you. You will know your relationship is going somewhere when he takes the time and effort to go the extra mile to make you happy. Am not talking about buying you expensive gifts or taking you out for shopping. Am talking about taking the time to know how you are doing, how your day was, just wanting to hear your voice and so on. When he is not serious about a relationship with he will usually call you whenever he wants to hang out or whenever he wants something from you. Apart from that he will ignore you and may not even answer your calls.

3. He puts you in his long term plans

Another sign he wants a serious relationship with you is the presence of a long term plans. The more serious he is with you the more serious he thinks about the future and the more he will plan ahead. When he is not serious with you then he is just interested in the short term pleasure and short term satisfaction. He is not interested in having anything to do with you in the long run, all he cares about is just getting what he wants and giving what you want in return. But if he is serious with you, he will be committed and plan a future with you in it.

4. He introduce you to his family

This is another sign he could show that he wants a serious relationship with you. He takes you to make his parents and siblings. Meeting his family and friends will help him improve his relationship with you. Although this sign doesn’t guarantee that he is serious still it is strong indication of seriousness if it’s combined with other signs. Signs like him asking you when to meet your family, sharing personal information with you etc. when a guy is not serious about a relationship he will usually keep a good distance between you and him. He may not tell you lots of information about himself especially when it comes to personal or private matters.

5. He makes you part of his world

He makes you a part of his world when he wants a serious relationship from you. It’s important that you and he have a private world that only the two of you share. It’s a place where you don’t keep anything from each other, where you both can be honest and have inside jokes and references that only you both will understand. Its take a relationship that is serious to have such commitments. And also a guy who is serious with you is not scared or shy to display you in public. He has no problem mentioning you in a tweet, posting photos of the two you together in Instagram or including you in his Facebook updates. And for those of us who aren’t social-media-friendly, there are other ways he can let the world that you’re together, such as introducing you as his “girlfriend” and allowing your relationship to be a spotlight. Of course holding hands or kissing in public never hurts.

⚬Written By Somto Okonkwo 
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