5 Reasons Why People Close To You Always Underrate You

It has become a common thing with people we know. They always tend to underrate everything we do or say we can do. They still see you as that kid they use to know: weak, scared and shy.  People who underrated you most of the time are people who you grew up with; they think they know you well enough to judge you. Sometimes when you spend a long time with some people they tend to see you differently because they have witnessed some of your flaws, struggles and mistakes. They now feel they know you well enough; they always tend to judge you base on those things rather than your potentials, gifts and talents.

They fail to support you because they feel it’s a waste of their time and money. Why do they underrate you? Probably they have seen you make a lot of mistakes and they judge you base on those facts. And why is that those who support and believe in us are outsiders? They seem to have faith in your talent and abilities. They don’t you judge base on your mistakes rather they judge you base on what you can do.  

It’s undermining when the people you love don’t believe in you. Even when you still try to prove to them that you are talented, amazing and valuable. They still underrate you. They underrate you so much that you get discouraged and frustrated. Whatever you say to them is treated like nonsense and a lie. This forces you to depend on yourself. Your passion should be your priority. A lot of people go through life not doing what they like. You do things to please other people all in the name of seeking their approval; at the end of everything the people you try to please are still not impressed. So what’s the point? Just be yourself. Whether people support you or not, do you really want to look back in regret one day down the line? To not know what could have happened if you tried to do what you really wanted to do?

It may be a little disheartening to have people around you discouraging you, and always underrating you. Remember life is too short. You don’t want to pull back on following your dreams or doing what you want because of others and start living a life that probably doesn’t fulfill your potential. It will be easier to stick to your own convictions when other people disagree with your choices or put you down.
Don’t get it twisted, not everyone goes through life the same way as you do. Some people get support and encouragement from people close to them. They have people that are always there for them. So their own issues are quite different from those of you that always discouraged and underrated by those close to you.

So Why Are You Often Underrated By Those Close To You?

They Don’t Fully Understand You

People around you who underrate or look down on you may not be bad people who intentionally want to destroy our dreams or discourage us. Sometimes they just don’t understand why you do what you do, so they voice out their concerns, which may make them seem dissenting. Do take it to heart when people discourage you. They just need you to educate and explain more to them. And if you have tried your best to make them see things your way and also understand the things you do but they still fail to understand just simply ignore them. Also make sure you can see things their way so you can explain to them why it can’t work for you.

They Are Sometimes Insecure

Sometimes when people close to you underrate you, it’s simply because it’s always about them than you. It could be plain ignorance or even jealousy, but some tend to attack things that they are not familiar with.  They have this mentality that if they try to help you achieve your dreams they will only be doing a great deal of harm to themselves. Because they don’t want a situation in the future, where you will be better than them. Some have this this act of jealousy that they fear they helping you, is making you become greater than them, which of course they wouldn’t like. But they forget that those who are truly successful in life are those who have made others a success. Don’t let that discourage you, someone who truly knows your value and abilities will come your way.

They Forget That Anything Is Possible

They underrate you because they think you have no future. They forget that nobody can predict the future. They paint a gloomy picture of what’s to come if you do what you want to do. Yes no one knows the future. But do you want to listen to others instead of believing in yourself. Am not saying you shouldn’t pay attention to what they are saying but if you know what you want your future to look like, then create it the way you want it to be. Only those who don’t know what they want from life go through life confused and negative. Don’t let objections from others become your truth and limit you from creating what you want in life. Anything is possible if you believe in yourself and work hard. You owe to yourself to do that.

They Think You Can Not Do Without Their Support

Yes; it’s natural to want support and encouragement from the people around you, but it’s possible to do what you want without it. Sometimes they always think without their support and encouragement you cannot make it in life. Just think remember those people who are a success today who made it through life on their own. They struggled and worked very hard to establish themselves. Anything is possible as long as you believe in yourself.  Believe in that, don’t give up, and you will go a long way, which ever road you take.

They don’t trust you well enough

You will to work hard to earn their trust before they can support you. You have to give them full details of your plan and projects before they can trust you well enough to help and support you. And you will also give them enough prove that your plans and projects will work. They often underrate you because; they don’t trust you well enough. You have to show them if they can trust you well enough to pledge their support to you. Some people thought are very difficult, no matter how best you try to prove to them that you are trustworthy and reliable, they still won’t believe in you. Like I said before, you can’t please anyone. No matter what you do they will always see a reason to complain and underrate you. A lot of people always seem to forget that. Just do your best and work hard. Remember it’s your journey and it your cross to carry. So you have to believe in yourself even when others won’t believe in you.

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