3 Simple Facts Why You Do Not Keep Secrets

                 Secrets are hindrances

Psychologist advice against keeping secrets because of the amount of stress it causes. And people who are holding secrets, their hormones levels go up. Neuroscientists now believe it’s biologically better for us to confess our secrets, or better, just to refuse to be party to someone else’s. The reason: holding on to them puts the brain in an awkward, compromised position. The bigger the secrets, or the risker you perceive its protection, the more intense the conflict within your brain, resulting in higher anxiety and more potent fight-or-flight effect.

When it comes to hiding something keeping secrets, I will advise against it. Try very hard not to keep secrets. I know we all have our own baggage and secrets, but when it comes to keeping secrets from the people we care about, I strongly advise against it. Keeping secrets from them will make you feel guilty, unhappy and worried. It keeps pulling you backward to the past.
Sleep may be disturbed, which could lead to emotional mood swings and a tendency to be bad-tempered or lose your cool.

Keeping secrets can be very unhealthy and depressing. Especially when it been going on for a very long period of time. We all want to live a life where we are free from any form of allegations and accusations but sometimes those things happen, when and how we don’t expect. Sometimes we can’t really explain how we end up with so many secrets at the same time. Sometimes it starts by, we thinking we can control it at and find a solution to it at first, then before we realize what’s going on years has passed and we are still holding on to that same secret.

Secrets makes you live in bondage

Most people keep certain secrets to protect their loved ones, to gain trust and maintain dignity. But it pays when you have nothing to hide and no secrets in your closet. You won’t feel trapped, caged or in bondage of any kind. Whenever you hide a secret and try to cover it up, you keep lying and lying to cover it up. In fact secrets mean that you have to keep lying that it becomes a habit and a life style. Why do people keep secrets in the first place? A lot of us are caught into one situation or the other that leads to us having to keep secrets. Secrets are something most people don’t like to keep, but they get to keep it anyway.

Some people even go to the extent of making other people secrets their secrets. And that will result to them compiling their own secrets and problems. Sad isn’t it? Why some are very unlucky because sometimes they find themselves in places they shouldn’t be, then one thing leads to another leading to them keeping secrets. It’s very unfortunate, but if you feel you can’t keep hiding your secrets anymore then I think it’s time to open up and confess it.

Secret destroys your confidence, your happiness and your future. I don’t know how big or complicated your secrets might be, but find a way to try and deal with it. And when I mean deal with it, am not saying you should keep on hiding it and lying about it.  What am saying try to find a way to make it small and uncomplicated. There is this saying “there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open,” one day that secret will be out there whether you like it or not and by then you won’t be able to control the outcome. So that’s why it’s better to let it out yourself, that way you still a better chance of controlling the outcome.

Secrets kill slowly

I remember then when I kept hiding a particular secret, it kept pulling me backwards. I couldn’t focus on what was ahead because of that secret particular secret. It kept distracting me, making me feel guilty and unhappy. Whenever I am happy and excited, once I remembered the secret am hiding, it kills my joy and excitement immediately. That what secrets does to you. It’s a hindrance to your progress. I know some people have gone to their graves with the secrets they kept. Some even say “some secrets are worth dying for”.

Despite the dangers keeping secrets is part of human nature. Even when there is danger involved in keeping a secret, we believe there is greater risk in its disclosure. Simply, we decide that the disclosure of the secret will be more painful to us than keeping it hidden. So, it stays a secret. “Not all secrets brings us stress, some secrets are useful, even pleasant,” says Dr peter.p zafirides of columbus, Ohio. As long as the secrets isn’t hurting you or anyone else, or isn’t perceived by you as being a bad thing.

Keeping it doesn’t have to be hazardous to your health. But if a friend offers to tell you something weighty in strictest confidence, think before you sign on. Ask yourself first if the information truly warrants privacy, zafirides advises. “Analyze the reasons that you are keeping something secret and the consequences of disclosing it,” he says. It also helps to consider other peoples likely reactions to discovering the secrets you’re protecting, whether it’s your own or someone else’s. Often those reactions are much less dramatic than we imagine.

But don’t forget secrets are not healthy. Read 8 WAYS TO KEEP A SECRET.
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