15 Questions You Need to Answer Before You Can Live Your Dream

If you want to follow your dreams, you have to understand your dream well enough to pursue it. We all want to live our dream. If you are not sure of how to answer these questions below, then you need to do two things:

1-Get better connected with yourself and your dream.
2-Develop enough confidence to take ownership of it.

Most time we get all confused and sometimes even discouraged about our dreams. Most people find it very hard to live their dream. Some are too scared to follow their dreams. Well I have listed 15 questions you need to ask yourself in other to live that dream. I myself had to ask myself these same questions, to better understand myself and my dream.

To better understand yourself, answer the following questions:

1-What would I do if I had no limitations?
2-What would I do if I had only five years to live?
3-What would I do if I had unlimited resources?
4-What would I do if I knew I couldn’t fail?
5-What are my gifts?
6-What are five things I like about myself?
7-What people make me feel special?
8-What moment of personal triumph do I remember?
9-What made me what I am today?
10-What I will do for the world, if I was given an opportunity to d something?
11-What I did that I regretted most?
12-What am I doing now that is leading me to my dream?
13-What am I depending on to achieve my dream?
14-Do I see my dream clearly?
15-Is my dream really my dream?

These are 15 power questions you need to answer to better understand yourself and your dream. It will give you more clear vision on what you want your dream to be like and how you want to accomplish your dream. Many people get frustrated about what they want their lives to be like; some don’t even know what they want out of live. 

Some even have a big dream? A dream so big, that it scares them. Asking these questions will increase yourself confident and self-approval. Find out what it is you want out of live and go after it, as if your life depends on it. Ben Carson book dream big monolith

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