How To Dress For Different Events

This is just a brief overview to help you understand dress codes and also to help you understand that sometimes it requires different dress codes for different occasions. It’s also very good when you take notes of the fact that sometimes you can get an invitation card with a dress code written on it and sometimes the dress code are not written on it. So its better we know the kinds of events we have and how to dress to such events.

Usually means the same as Black tie. If your host is especially voguish, men may wear a black shirt, no tie with a tuxedo. Tradition, however, requires that men wear the standard tuxedo and women wear long cocktail dresses.

Can mean the same as casual, however, when the event is associated with wedding or another special occasion, some form of conduct and respect should prevail. A dress for her slacks and a shirt for him are informal, but respectful of the event.

This means tuxedos and long dresses are not required however a dark suits is a good option. A cocktail dress, dressy suit or separates for women is recommended.

Means white tie. Women wear long gowns, men wear full dress with white tie, vest and shirt.

A white tie invitation calls for ultra-formal attire. This, the superior of all the dress codes is usually saved for official occasions and ceremonial events. Men are required to wear a black or white bow-tie, vest and a block suit while women wear long gowns.

Means formal attire. Men are required to wear tuxedoes while women have the option to wear cocktail, long dresses or dressy evening separates.

Means short or three quarter length garments. You will not go wrong with elegant dresses for ladies and dark business suits with a bit more bold tie for gentleman.

These calls for more relaxed dress code- jeans, shorts, t-shirts and other casual looks are acceptable. Casual means anything goes.

This means dress-up versions of casual looks. Lose the tie and try trousers and a short coat are my recommendation for him and a dressy pants\skirt look for her.

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