"The secret of successful people is that they form the habit of doing things that failures don't like to do and won’t do"-Earl Nightingale.

What is Habit?

Habit according to oxford advanced dictionary defines Habit is that thing a person does often and almost without thinking, especially something that is hard to stop doing.
Heralded pat mussieux defines habit as routines of behavior that are repeated regularly, tend to occur subconsciously, without directly thinking consciously about them.

Now the question is what kind of Habits do you have?  

Most of our behaviors is habitual- comes automatically without thinking, our character is the total of our habits. If we have positive habits, then we have good character. Conversely, if we have negative habits, others will find our character lacking.
Habits are a lot stronger than logic and reasoning. In the life cycle of habit formation, a habit starts by been too weak to be felt, and ends up becoming too strong to get out of. Habits can be develop by default or determination.

We don't decide what habits to form, by default we may end up with different habits.
Heralded explain in his write up that habits are necessary in life. They help us maintain order and routines. Habits are not necessarily bad or good. They just are. He said once you set a goal, that's when you are able to identify whether or not the habits is moving you towards or away from the goal.
Well I agree with his theory of habits not necessarily bad or good, but in other to help us understand better I believe we can form negative and positive habits too.

When practice negative traits such as cowardice or dishonesty in small events, and hope to handle major events in positive way, it won’t happen because that not what we have practiced.
If we permit ourselves to tell a lie once, it is a lot easier to do it a second and a third time until it becomes a habit.
Anything we practice long enough becomes ingrained into our system and becomes a habit. The choice is ours as to what we practice. We form habits and habits form character. Before we realize that we have got the habit, the habit has got us.

[We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act, but a habit- Aristotle

How Do We Form Habits?

Anything we repeatedly do becomes a habits. We learn by doing. By having courage we learn courage. By practicing honesty and fairness, we learn these traits. By practicing this traits, we master them.
Similarly if we practice negative traits, such as dishonesty, unjust behavior, or lack of discipline; that is what we become good at. Attitudes are habits. They lead to behavior patterns. They become a state of mind and dictate our responses.

Conditioning is the psychological process whereby we get used to (or become conditioned to) specific events occurring in association with each other. Most of our behaviors comes as a result of conditioning. It is our responsibility to condition ourselves in a positive manner.
Habits can create your life or destroy it. Great men and women have being destroyed because of being Conditioned to negative habits.

Examples of negative habits are Smoking, Drinking, Sexual Immorality, stealing, reading porn magazine, watching pornographic movies, Fighting.. Etc. Don't get conditioned to such habits. But being conditioned to positive habits will give you a great attitude, having positive attitude will take you to places you never dream of going. It will introduce you to great men and women who could help you go places. You can read 7 habits that leads to success and failure, I explained how success and failure are both habits and i also listed 7 habits that we can do day to day that will lead us to the road of success and failure.

Note: - It’s never too late to change any habit that keeps you from moving forward or Destroys your Life gradually. Regards of your of your age and how old the habit is, we can change by being aware of what needs to be changed and using techniques that modify our behavior.
We can unlearn self-destructive behaviors and learn positive behavior. Just think about the things that failures don't do. They are the same things that successful people don't like to do, but they do them anyway. Because they have formed good habits.

All habits start small but ends up eventually being very difficult to break. Attitudes are habits and can be changed. It’s a question of breaking and replacing old negative habits with new and positive ones. It’s easier to prevent bad habits then to overcome them. Good habits come from overcoming temptations. Happiness and unhappiness are a habit, it’s your choice to use the ones to be conditioned to.

Conclusion- Understand that excellence is the result of a repeated conscious effort until the behavior or the attitude becomes a habit.  
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